Thanks for the mention 🙌

Audience is good. But what’s more important is being friends with your customers. A handful of people who are willing to spend time and provide you an insightful candid feedback is sufficient. Having 10k+ or whatever followers does not guarantee, nor does it consistently increase success of your consecutive products. You still need to find and then build something that solves a real problems and hope it’ll resonate with others.

Once you getting closer to nailing some value for a few people — surprise-surprise! those few people will start 📢sharing your stuff and you’ll involuntarily get more followers, who wanna get more of what you offer.

Starting from a blank slate is a great exercise. Yet not from a blank slate of no-audience (it’s irrelevant anyway), but from a blank slate of not being attached to your previous successes or failures, not being too driven what others think of you or your idea, and having a blank slate of expectations towards your own self 😅Imho, that’s the hardest part. - #1 job board to find and post blockchain & cryptocurrency jobs.

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