Never have I ever… shot myself on video.

Okay. This is my first time. Ever.

Despite popular public belief, I’m constantly shying away from expressing too much of what I think and telling people about what I do and what I love. So this time I’m making a leap.

No. This video is not about how great RSVPD PRO is and how it helps grow event attendance (even thought it does). It’s about making a step in personal growth, overcoming perfectionism and letting go of limiting self-beliefs. This video is too long, not entertaining enough, full of mistakes, impromptu phrases and generally poor english.
But that does not matter. What matters is passion, customer obsession behind it! And I hope that passion shines through the rough surface.

From now on, I hope I’ll be leaving my comfort zone more frequently and I wish you the same. - #1 job board to find and post blockchain & cryptocurrency jobs.

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