How to move out FROM depression and apathy TO happiness and exciting life. F🔥cking personal guide.

At least once a year I find myself in an apathy hole, where I drown in depressive thoughts. I slip into thinking that I’m losing in life. That everyone is so far ahead. Everyone is successful, rich, married, launching + selling startups every week left and right, etc, etc…

Depression is a pretty strong self-fulfilling condition and requires an equally strong, radical pull to get out of it. That’s why this blog will have
plenty of F 😳CK word in it. Buckle up!

As for most of my articles, I address it to myself. So when I’m fed up with myself, I can read it and get my lazy ass back on track of shitting 🌈 rainbows, technological ✨miracles and golden nuggets of products and services 😃, that people want to pay real 💰 for.

Okay. Here is my list of TO-DO items that I need to fucking do:

💪 Discipline

  • 10pm — should be in bed. Ideally sleeping. Worst case, reading a book. On a kindle or paper. NOT on a phone, iPad or a laptop. The Phone should be on airplane mode and in a different room.

Okay. This isn’t a productivity article, so I won’t go at length about how to be focused and get things done. This is a kick-in-the-ass article to get you out of the self-doubt, anxiety and apathy mode, into the move-that-mountain mode. F*cking get angry at yourself and get shit done. You are a man. 👊Mood swings are for p 💅ssies. Beyoncé got more testosterone than you do.

👋 People

  • Get toxic people the f*ck out of your life. Don’t be rude. Be nice. Acknowledge that that’s not something you need around you.
    Remember — you are the average of five people that you spend the most time with. It’s scary how real this is. Make a deliberate effort to be surrounded by the best. Don’t be shy about this.

🗄️ Things

  • Get shit you don’t need out of your eye-sight. Have minimal things that that you actually use and make your life easier.
    Never expect things to make you happier. Focus on finding things that will make your life easier and simpler.
    Example: When buying a new item, I have a rule, that it, ideally, should replace 2 other items that I already have. That makes my life easier, lighter and simpler.

😅 Expectations

  • Tone your expectations the fuck down

🎯 Focus

Okay. After you’ve done your kick-ass morning routine, ate, warmed up… you:

  • Sit down

👌 Small things

  • Manage your phone or it will manage you. Turn off most notifications. Including messengers. Yes! Especially email. Unsubscribe from newsletters. Do you really get value from them? Or do they just make you feel smart?
    Turn flight mode “on” on your phone. Do not disturb mode all the time.
  • The beauty of flight mode over completely turning off, or other full silent modes, is that you would not miss your alarm clock,

This is what got me thought 2018. Let’s see if this approach will still work in 2019!

💬 Would these tips work for you? What would you add? 👉 Tweet me

🙌 Big thanks to Roman Zolotarev, Sébastien Couture, Andrey Azimov and Pavel Bushuyeu for reviewing this post, challenging my thoughts and squashing nasty grammar mistakes. You guys rock 💪 - #1 job board to find and post blockchain & cryptocurrency jobs.

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