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  • Robert D. Knight

    Robert D. Knight

    ICO Content Marketing ★ Crypto Writer ★ Adviser

  • Phillip Goldberg

    Phillip Goldberg

    engineer @ dYdX

  • Konstantin Lomashuk

    Konstantin Lomashuk

    Entrepreneur, blockchain investor Ethereum, Cosmos, Dfinity, EOS, Tezos, Polkadot. Previously co-founder Satoshi Fund. P2P Validator — http://p2p.org .

  • Melissa Quinn

    Melissa Quinn

  • Andre Cronje

    Andre Cronje

  • ML


    I do business things and nerd things. Also crypto things. Twitter: @88crypt

  • Luke H.

    Luke H.

    This is a space where I document my adventures in blockchain technology, computer science, and life.

  • Rob Hitchens

    Rob Hitchens


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