I was hacked. The attacker gained access to several of my accounts (Apple Cloud, Yahoo, Gmail, Telegram), found private keys, mnemonic seeds and drained several thousand dollars worth of crypto.

In this article, I’ll try to recreate the exact timeline of events, the damage, commentary on how this could have happened. I’ll also talk about a few moments that I don’t yet understand (mostly around 2FA) and hope my readers will be able to help me out. I’ll also share a few tips about what you can do today to protect yourself from the attack that happened to me.

Attack Timeline

The events took place on Sunday morning, October 4th, 2020. Between 9am and 11am, GMT+8. I was not home, far away from my two MacBooks. They were in hibernate mode, locked, lids closed, at home. The night before, I finished setting up my brand new MacBook Pro (2020). …

Hi there, I’m Raman, founder of Crypto Jobs List. It is the leading blockchain and cryptocurrency job board on the Internet. It’s been running since 2017 and serving some of the best companies and organizations: Ethereum Foundation, IOHK, OKEx, Huobi, Compound.Finance, Argent Wallet, Epicenter Podcast and many more.

To date, I’ve been building this website all by myself. But it’s time to get help. So I’m hiring a software engineer to work side-by-side. Today the tech stack is all JavaScript and CoffeeScript (I know, I know). Would be excited if you convert me (and code) to TypeScript. Frameworks I use: React with MobX, Node with Sails.js. and it’s all hosted across Zeit, Netlify, Heroku, GCP, AWSand, you won’t believe it, DigitalOcean too. So, why CoffeeScript you may ask? Fist of all, we only use it on the backend and not on the frontend. Secondly, I’d like to thank Roman Zolotarev for teaching me it and Jeremy Ashkenas for inventing it. …

You’ve got the qualifications. You’ve got the experience. You’ve got the love of crypto, the practical skills, know the lingo and have somehow survived a decade on social media without committing a faux pas or sending a career-ending tweet. On paper, you’re the perfect candidate for the crypto vacancies you’ve been applying for. And yet, try as you might, you can’t seem to land a job. What are you doing wrong?

The most likely answer is ‘Nothing.’ The recruitment industry is highly competitive, and due to the sheer volume of candidates, it’s easy to be overlooked despite boasting a flawless resumé and compelling cover letter. You might not doing anything overtly wrong, but you could be missing a trick that would catapult you to the top of the shortlist and help secure the next crypto job you apply for. …


Raman Shalupau

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