I was hacked. The attacker gained access to several of my accounts (Apple Cloud, Yahoo, Gmail, Telegram), found private keys, mnemonic seeds and drained several thousand dollars worth of crypto.

In this article, I’ll try to recreate the exact timeline of events, the damage, commentary on how this could have happened. I’ll also talk about a few moments that I don’t yet understand (mostly around 2FA) and hope my readers will be able to help me out. I’ll also share a few tips about what you can do today to protect yourself from the attack that happened to me.

Attack Timeline


Hi there, I’m Raman, founder of Crypto Jobs List. It is the leading blockchain and cryptocurrency job board on the Internet. It’s been running since 2017 and serving some of the best companies and organizations: Ethereum Foundation, IOHK, OKEx, Huobi, Compound.Finance, Argent Wallet, Epicenter Podcast and many more.

To date, I’ve been building this website all by myself. But it’s time to get help. So I’m hiring a software engineer to work side-by-side. Today the tech stack is all JavaScript and CoffeeScript (I know, I know). Would be excited if you convert me (and code) to TypeScript. Frameworks I use…

You’ve got the qualifications. You’ve got the experience. You’ve got the love of crypto, the practical skills, know the lingo and have somehow survived a decade on social media without committing a faux pas or sending a career-ending tweet. On paper, you’re the perfect candidate for the crypto vacancies you’ve been applying for. And yet, try as you might, you can’t seem to land a job. What are you doing wrong?

The most likely answer is ‘Nothing.’ The recruitment industry is highly competitive, and due to the sheer volume of candidates, it’s easy to be overlooked despite boasting a flawless…

This May (2019), I hired 2 Virtual Assistants. That alone was easily the biggest personal and professional accomplishment that I’ve done last month! Bigger than shipping new apps, jogging, blogging, etc…

Let me explain how I did it and what I learned: 👇

How does hiring a VA work, in short?

  • Hire someone from Philippines (will explain below why Philippines)
  • Pay $2–5/hour
  • They do whatever you ask them to do
  • Pay to their PayPal weekly/bi-weekly

What sort of tasks do I delegate?

Here is a list an actual messages that I DM my VAs on Telegram / Email:

  • Hey, could you please find me top 10 crypto & blockchain events in KL in the upcoming…

At least once a year I find myself in an apathy hole, where I drown in depressive thoughts. I slip into thinking that I’m losing in life. That everyone is so far ahead. Everyone is successful, rich, married, launching + selling startups every week left and right, etc, etc…

Depression is a pretty strong self-fulfilling condition and requires an equally strong, radical pull to get out of it. That’s why this blog will have
plenty of F 😳CK word in it. Buckle up!

As for most of my articles, I address it to myself. So when I’m fed up with…

About a year ago I’ve uploaded a quick Ethereum and Metamask coding guide on YouTube:

Today, due to popular demand, I’d like to write a quick article on adding Ethereum payments to your website. This guide assumes that you are new to programming, and I’ll try to avoid referencing complex web dev frameworks like React… Knowing basic jQuery will suffice here.

Let’s get your set-up ready, step by step:

  1. Make sure you have Metamask installed.
  2. For development, switch to Ropsten or Kovan development network.
  3. Get some Ether in your account on a test network via https://faucet.metamask.io/
  4. Copy paste this…

Expect that things won’t work out. But do your best work anyway.

All major breaks, all success that I had this year — I’d like to attribute to this approach. To having low expectations. So low, they are often negative, in fact. Best things happened when I expected things to backfire, to get embarrassed, to just waste time and effort.

If you have an imposter syndrome; anxious about your achievements and your future; you are ambitious, you hold yourself and others to high standards, got big goals… but still feel like you are not hitting them? In your 20s and…

I started writing this article with a goal to reflect and learn what I’ve done right while starting Crypto Jobs List (so I can repeat this success again)
…but it suddenly turned into an interesting Ask Me Anything on Twitter
So here I will: ❶ share my learning a from starting a blockchain job board,
❷ answer audience questions and ❸ share a new exciting announcement 😉 in the end.

I hope this story will also be useful to you, as you are making your own business and product decisions. …

Image source: https://pxhere.com/en/photo/700613

The prices of two crypto tokens — BeautyChain and SmartMesh — dramatically crashed this week. One or more attackers exploited bugs in the their smart contracts and generated huge amounts of tokens out of thin air, massively diluting token supplies. These events could have been easily avoided. In this post, we describe the attacks, illustrate them with Solidity code examples, and argue that these hacks are a wake-up call for token investors and developers to be more cognisant and diligent about smart contract security.

What happened

On 25 April 2018, some cryptocurrency exchanges halted deposits, withdrawals, and tradesof at least two ERC20…

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